Firelights Festival



Fire Lights Festival is a 3 day camping festival featuring  Jam, Rock, Experimental Bass Music, EDM, Dubstep, and more. We are donating all proceeds to the Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department. Fire Lights Festival was founded by us, lovers of music, arts, and people. We hunt for new music, we appreciate the arts, and we have probably been your festy neighbor at some point in time. Fire Lights Festival is about bringing us together together and giving the people what they want. Whether you want to kick back in the woods or experience the beautiful open grass of Wainer park there is plenty of space to experience what has been curated for YOU! We are creating an environment in which music and art can come together in an intimate way. Fostering an event where people experience festival culture to its full potential. Fire Lights is about music, art, nature, and community.  Be prepared to see something new and different. 

Art and Performance

At Fire Lights Festival the experience is brought by the people. We set the stage for art installations, fire performers, live musicians, producers, DJs and so many more talented individuals.

food and beverage


Eat Good, Feel Good.

We will have a variety of food options from local vendors and food trucks. 

Workshops & Activities

Fire Lights Festival is a place for growth. This is why we have three days of focused workshops with the goal to better ourselves. Do some Yoga or Mediations with Zenergy Collective, Learn about soundsystem culture and event planning, compete in a Kendama Competition, and explore so much more through interactive workshops at Fire Lights Festival. This is your opportunity to be a part of the festival. Through creativity and teamwork our goal is to connect the Fire Lights community.



In today’s world it is of utmost importance to be aware of the environment. At Fire Lights Festival we do our best to reduce our footprint on the earth. With a leave no trace policy, systems for recycling, and encouraging reusable water bottles we are doing what we can to create sustainability for the place we love.


Come with us on our specialty curated journey just for you. Experience the sights the sounds and the friendship.