Fire Lights Festival


Fire Lights Festival is a celebration of music, featuring a diverse lineup of jam bands, bass music, and various other genres. The 3-day long event is happening at the Blue Heron Grounds. A famous campground that has hosted festivals for 30+ years. Fire Lights Festival 2023 will be bringing in electrifying sets by headlining acts as well as intimate performances by up-and-coming artists, but Fire Lights Festival offers much more than just music. The festival features mesmerizing fire and flow art performances, interactive art installations, live painting sessions, yoga and meditation classes, and more. What makes Fire Lights Festival truly unique, is its welcoming and inclusive community, where attendees can connect with others who share their passions and interests. The festival creates a safe space for attendees to express themselves freely, form new friendships, and create lifelong memories. No matter what you’re looking for in a festival experience, Fire Lights Festival has something to offer. Fire Lights Festival is an unforgettable journey that engages your mind, body, and soul, leaving you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Art and Performance

Fire Lights Festival sets the stage for art installations, fire performers, live musicians, visual artists, DJs and so many more talented individuals to create a specially curated to be an immersive art experience.

Fire Lights Festival will feature a custom projection mapped stage designed by Actualize. Several one of a kind art installations including wood carvings, projections, lasers, and more.

We will also be featuring a surplus of flow and fire performances, as well as, our annual big bonfire!



Fire Lights will host various food & craft vendors from all over. In the past we have seen Wire Wrapping & Jewelry, Vintage & Handmade Clothing, Glass Blowing, Elixir Bar, Light Painting, as well as Food Trucks, and so much more. It is amazing to have one of a kind vendors who showcase their unique talents and products. You can find something special and original that you won’t see anywhere else.  Fire Lights is a great opportunity to support local artists and artisans, and to have a fun and memorable experience. 



The Fire Lights Festival art gallery is a vibrant and dynamic space that showcases the talents and visions of various artists. The art gallery features different types of art, such as sculptures, paintings, photographs, and interactive installations. The art gallery also hosts live performances, workshops, and events that celebrate the fusion of art and music. The art gallery is a place where you can discover new and exciting forms of expression, as well as connect with other festival-goers who share your passion for art and music. 


Workshops & Activities

Fire Lights Festival will feature three full days of workshops and fun activities.  Do some Yoga or Meditation with Zenergy Collective, Learn about sound system culture and event planning, or compete in a Kendama Competition. 

Fire Lights Festival offers so much to explore through what our interactive workshops have to offer. Our team has chosen workshops that will highlight creativity and self love, that we just cant wait for you to see.



We’re looking for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, including event setup and breakdown, merchandise sales, parking, artist assistance, and more. Volunteering at Fire Lights Festival is not only a great way to give back to our community but also an opportunity to meet new people and be a part of an exciting event.

Ternion Sound!


We’re looking for passionate individuals to join the Fire Lights Festival promo team! As a member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to spread the word about our event, connect with like-minded individuals, and be an integral part of our community. Tasks may include promoting the festival on social media, distributing flyers and posters, assisting with ticket sales, and more. Join us and help us make Fire Lights Festival 2023 the best yet!