Firelights Festival



This event will comply with national and local Covid-19 guidelines in place at the time of the event. If there is an emergency situation contact the nearest staff member for help IMMEDIATELY. There are medical personnel onsite who are trained to deal with all situations. Fire Lights Festival is an outdoor event, so every attendee must come prepared for all weather events. Bring items in preparation for inclement weather. Be aware of information points, first aid areas, and water refill stations when the map is released. Our team is here to help make sure that everyone has a good time, so do not be afraid to contact staff. Please enjoy the festival responsibly and stay hydrated.


You must be 21+ to consume alcohol. A reasonable amount of unopened beer and wine will be permitted to be brought onto your camping area. If security judges anyone to be intoxicated driving a vehicle or alcohol is open in the vehicle. Then the organizers reserve the right to confiscate the alcohol. Kegs, glass, liquor, or vending of alcohol is not permitted in the campgrounds, and alcohol may not be brought from the campsites into the festival venue.


Medical Prescriptions must be in their original bottle with a label attached. Your ID must match the name on the label. Medical prescriptions can be declared by festival attendees and approved by security during searches.


Any child ages 6 and up must have an official wristband. Children age 6 and under are admitted free of charge with the presence of a legal guardian or parent with an official wristband.


There will be a variety of food/drink vendors, as well as a general store at Fire Lights. No unauthorized vending is allowed, you must complete an application and be accepted in order to vend.


FIRE LIGHTS FESTIVAL welcomes and supports the rights and attendance of all persons with disabilities that rely on the special skills of a trained service animal. Other pets must be left at home or at a nearby kennel.

  • Service animals must be accompanied by the handler with the disability at all times.
  • Service animals must be under the control and supervision of their handler at all times.
  • Service animals are not permitted to be left unattended under any circumstances.
  • Handlers are required to be prepared for, and clean-up after, their animals at all times.
  • We reserve the right to remove and/or refuse access to any service animal from the campgrounds or venue if that animal is deemed to be a health or safety threat to festival patrons, staff, or other service animals, or in violation of these policies.


  • Fireworks, flying prayer lanterns, or explosives
  • Generators (RV’s with built in generators that run off the RV’s gas are permitted, external gas generators and gas cans are not permitted. Solar generators are exempt)
  • Gas/fuel cans of any kind (with the exception of small propane containers for camp-stoves listed above)
  • Glass (Handheld mirrors are an exception)
  • Kegs or hard liquor
  • Drones
  • Laser pointers
  • Illegal substances
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Golf clubs
  • Hammers
  • Unauthorized merchandise
  • Threatening signs or apparel*
  • DO NOT leave trash at your campsite. Place trash and recycling bags at the end of your camping lane. 
  • DO NOT dump your trash or recycling in the town of Edinboro, leave trash at designated festival trash and recycling pick up zones or at the end of your camping lane. 


  • outside alcohol, food, or beverage 
  • laser pointers
  • audio recording equipment/professional cameras/video equipment
  • glass or glass containers of any kind
  • knives of any kind
  • large markers, paint pens, or spray paint
  • threatening signs or apparel*


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